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Whether you want to experience peace, adventure or history, this meeting of great rivers has something for everyone. Whether you're playing a round of golf or visiting the Alton Museum of History and Art, Alston has many things to do and see. The Alstom Museum, history and art are just some of the many reasons why it is an inspiring and captivating destination.

There is so much to discover in Alston, from the Alstom Museum of History and Art to the St. Louis County Courthouse, there are so many things to look forward to.

Also adjacent to the Audubon Center is the St. Louis County Courthouse, where you can stand at the confluence of Missouri and Mississippi. Alton is located just a few miles from the Mississippi River Trail, a 12-mile easy trail that leads to picturesque views of both the river and its tributary, the Illinois River. It offers views of Mississippi and Illinois, parallel to the city of Alstom, as well as the state of Illinois and the US Capitol.

On the Missouri side, the Audubon Center and the rivers, which are among the best places in the world to see birds, are located where the Mississippi Flyway meets the Illinois River and its tributary, the St. Louis River. Nearly 300 bird species have been sighted, and petroglyphs can also be seen on a rock at the National Scenic Byway in Alton. Next to the dam on the Illinois side is the National Great Rivers Museum, which can be visited several times a day.

Other attractions in the Alton area include nine golf courses, including one designed by Arnold Palmer and managed by the US Golf Association and the University of Illinois Golf Club. Whether it's the food scene you want to explore, nature or crafts, Alston has something for everyone. There are restaurants in Alton and Grafton as well as a number of restaurants in the city centre and along the waterfront.

A visit to Alton, Illinois, means experiencing the local river culture and understanding the development that has created an area that brings together people from all walks of life, from farmers and fishermen to tourists and business owners. Enjoy a live play at the Little Theater in Alston, a music festival at the Riverfront Amphitheater, or live concerts overlooking the Mississippi River at the amphitheaters on the Alton River Front. What to see next: visit, absorb local rivers and culture and understand what has been created by this development.

Pere Marquette State Park is the largest national park in Illinois, known for its scenic views of the Mississippi and Lake Michigan. Pere Marquettes is set on more than 3,230 hectares and offers year-round activities for everyone. With over 2,000 acres of hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing and camping, Pere Marquette is one of Illinois "most popular parks and home to some of its most popular attractions.

The Mississippi River meets the Missouri River in this area, and there are several hiking and biking trails to explore the natural environment. Travel along this scenic side road and enjoy remarkable views of the Illinois River and a riverside picnic.

In nearby Grafton, Illinois, you can take the Golden Eagle Ferry, which will take you to the Illinois River and Mississippi River, as well as some other riverside attractions. Ride a 49-passenger bike or pleasure boat and sail the Illinois and Mississippi rivers on an exciting passenger boat cruise known as the Hakuna Matata River Cruise. The HakunaMatata River Cruise will take you along both the Illinois and Mississippi rivers in style.

Take an hour to drive to Alton, which winds through some of the most beautiful landscapes in America, and takes you on a drive through the Illinois River Valley, the Mississippi River and the heart of St. Louis.

Alton played an important role in the abolition of slavery during the Civil War, as Illinois was both a free state and the slave state of Missouri. Many escaped slaves crossed the Mississippi by subway to find shelter in Alton, and its location between the three rivers triggered an economic boom and also made it easy to travel and settle there. Visitors to North Alston's Confederate Cemetery might also be interested in its National Cemetery, which is about four miles southeast. This is the resting place of Confederate soldiers who died in captivity at a Union camp in Alton.

On the way back to Grafton via the Great River Road, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Pere Marquette State Park. While most of our romantic getaways in Illinois are spent in the Alton area, we recommend staying at one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Old Towne Hotel or Riverfront Hotel, as well as dining options.

The Illinois Indians dominate the near confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, which has brought many different personalities to Alton over the centuries. Mix it with the perfect brew for a spooky paradise and you've secured a great romantic getaway to one of Illinois "most beautiful and historic cities. Illinois Indians, who have ruled the nearby confluences of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers for centuries, mix it all together for an ideal romantic getaway to the city's Old Towne Hotel or Riverfront Hotel, or both.

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