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Altonville, Illinois, is a small town in the state that has been battered by Hurricane Katrina. There are countless reports of paranormal activity plaguing this small town, so let's take a look at some of the reasons why it was named America's most haunted small town. Visitors can also discover a number of other interesting things about the city and its history.

A representation of the legendary bird of Piasa perched on a high cliff on the edge of the Piazza de Alton park. The legend goes back to 1673, when Father Jacques Marquette travelled down the Mississippi and described seeing a bird - like a monster - in the area where Alston is located. This can still be seen today in petroglyphs on steep slopes along the National Scenic Byway in Altena.

Abraham Lincoln spent time at Alton, where one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place. For groups, the CVB in Alton can organize a historic tour of the notorious Alstons prison, where hundreds of court and union fighters and their families died in squalid conditions and the only ruins remain - as well as a history lesson on the most notorious prison of the Civil War. Alston has several Lincoln flashpoints, including a statue representing the seventh and final Lincoln / Douglas debate. There's also the Lincoln Trail, which lets visitors find out which points in the city have a connection to Honest Abe through brochures and mobile apps.

The National Great Rivers Museum steers a barge across the Mississippi, controls the water flow through the lock with the museum's interactive exhibits, and then leads through the locks and dams. Learn about the technology behind the dams, or take a trip down the river, visit the museum or view the exhibits.

For more information on eagle watching, visit the National Great Rivers Museum at (888) 762-4500 or call (1) 866-772-5555.

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The Licoln Civil War Legacy Trail is a great way to explore the city's history in our lifetime, and it's also a great way to see and explore this city for yourself. Plan your trip today and discover a wide variety of activities with your kids in Alton. So check out our list of the best things to do in and around Alston, Illinois to make every moment you spend there worthwhile. This is the third and final stop on our Illinois 90DayRoadtrip, but it is also one of our favorite stops in Illinois. IL to learn more about how Lewis and Clark prepared for their epic journey west, and each level tells a story about the history of the region, including a history lesson for children, a tour of a historic building and a visit to a local museum, all in one day.

Don't miss your chance to visit the St. Louis Science Center and enjoy a day of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for children and adults.

Head to Pere Marquette State Park, where scenic views offer sweeping views of the Illinois River Valley. Twelve kilometres of easy hiking trails with a variety of hiking, biking and cycling trails for all ages and abilities lead through the picturesque park. Explore more than 3,230 acres and see the convergence between Illinois and Mississippi as you cruise along the waterfront to enjoy one of the best views in the Midwest. Head to the southern end of Pere Marquette State Park, where picturesque views offer sweeping views of the Illinois River Valley and beyond.

The joy of this area is the time you can spend exploring the section of the Great River Road in Illinois. The Mississippi meets the Missouri River here, and there are several hiking and biking trails to explore the natural environment. If you're traveling in a Class C RV, consider nearby Grafton, Illinois, which is just a few miles from the terminus of major river roads such as the major Illinois and Mississippi rivers and a section of the Great River Road that winds along the mighty Mississippi from Alton, IL, to Ga. The tower is part of the Lewis and Clark State Historic Site, which is a National Hiking Trail.

In nearby Grafton, Illinois, you can hop on the Hakuna Matata River Cruise, which takes you down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers in style. You can visit the statue of the tallest man in the world, try to beat the house at the Argosy Casino in Alton, and spend time enjoying the beautiful views of the Mississippi from the Golden Eagle Ferry pier. Take your spirituality in your arms and enjoy a visit to St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in the city of Alston, IL, or enjoy one of the many churches.

More About Alton

More About Alton