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We just bought our first house and wanted to get started with a brand new mattress. We tried a lot of beds before we decided on this one, but it's just too big for us, so we just had to go and buy it.

If you say you need brakes, bring them to Midas and they tell you you don't need them So you go to Dobbs and explain everything. We went and worked with them to find the best solution to our brake and exhaust problems.

The delivery was quick and friendly, but even that was taken away, and today at 1: 30 I received a call that they were on their way to our house because they had a delivery cancellation. They told us they would be coming home at 2pm today for the planned and confirmed delivery time. When we tried to move the date, they could not schedule the day for the time needed for delivery.

We always get prompt service and recommendations, but this time we wanted a tire twist and found 2 tires bad and had to be readjusted. We appreciate them for being aware of potential problems, and we always do.

Next time you need a repair or tuning, make an appointment with Meineke's at 264 Alton, IL and let the experienced technicians take care of you. If you are located in East Alston, Illinois or surrounding area, please call and contact them to get a free quote or book your appointment. Sign up for exclusive offers on our website where you can find car repair coupons and more. You can book the appointment at Meineske's, 264, Alstons IL and book it online or by calling 1 - 888 - 762 - 5555.

My fiance and I bought a bed there two weeks ago, but on the day of delivery he called and said he needed to reschedule and it would take almost a month. After several visits, they could never do the right job and kept telling me it had to be something else. I went to Meinikie's and the next day they called me to say I would have to wait twice as long as I had already. They moved the whole bedroom and then a few days later they called that it would take another month and a half.

Everyone was immediately helpful and let me know that the brakes had to work before when I was working on my car, which I appreciated. The mechanic diagnosed the problem and fixed it at night, so I am grateful.

I never tried and sold anything I didn't need and never had to take the vehicle in for a second look. They did a hard job of telling me exactly what I needed, but I never had to try to sell it.

Communication with the customer is crucial for the timely execution and execution of work in the estate and for the success of the company.

Having your tires inspected and turned is a great maintenance service to make sure they hold, and quick car repairs are one of the best ways to keep your car running smoothly, safely and efficiently. Our qualified car repair technicians are trained to work on pretty much any car and truck under the sun. These certified technicians can complete the entire range of car repair and keep the car in top condition.

Our car mechanics are trained to inspect your vehicle and offer you a wide range of repair options for your car, truck and other vehicles. Our experts in vehicle repair can identify and resolve a variety of problems, from engine problems to engine failures, engine damage to a broken wheel.

Each large vehicle system has its own unique signs of repair need, but there are also a few general indicators to watch out for. Some cars have visible fuel levels that can be seen, others have gauges or gauges that can be used to check the current liquid level. If you have too little, get a dipstick that should have a notch to indicate and change the optimum level. When you reach the mileage mark, have your mechanic check the belt to make sure it is stable and needs to be replaced.

Book a regular check - check the air conditioning, air conditioning, brakes and brakes of your car to make sure it is in good condition.

Most people recommend replacing a timing belt after 60,000 miles, but some vehicles are taken to the Alton site each year to perform brakes, shock absorbers and other maintenance. Visit this site in the last 5 years when regular oil and brake changes are required.

Waiting for a belt can be expensive because it risks damaging other parts. When it comes to belts, it's best (and cheaper) to be proactive and look around for the best price.

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