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Chicago is world famous for the three-day Lollapalooza Festival in August 2005 in Grant Park. Illinois is also known for the famous Cornerstone Festival, which is held every year on the last weekend in July at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Champaign, Illinois.

Chicago also has a thriving rock scene that stretches across the city of Chicago, filled with stadiums and arenas for rock bands. Chicago and surrounding cities like St. Louis, Chicago Heights and Chicago Park District offer a rich local scene.

One of Illinois "most famous pop and rock bands is Curtis Mayfield (d. 1999), who also had a # 1 Billboard 200 album on the Superfly soundtrack in 1972. Songwriters from the Chicago area also enjoyed success, including Jim Whelan of Wilmette, who wrote songs for the likes of George Harrison, Elvis Costello and John Prine. Smashing Pumpkins also had a string of successful albums, including their debut album, The Great American Songbook.

Buchanan emphasizes the importance of trumpet playing with vibrato, a style used by trumpeters like Louis Armstrong that would influence Miles Davis's style and help develop it. Davis left Illinois and went to New York City, where he was soon to enroll at the Juilliard School, then known as the Institute of Musical Art. He quickly acquired a reputation as a trumpeter and director of the music school. By the end of the 1960s, he was attracted to music that turned into jazz - rock fusion.

After a course at Juilliard, Davis sought Parker out and began playing in Harlem nightclubs, teaming up with Parker and going to see him. During these gigs they met drummer Elzy Lindsey, who eventually played with and influenced the fast improvisation style of jazz instrumentals that defined the modern jazz era. In New Orleans he quickly found a home for himself and his band, which is currently in the middle of the most successful phase in its history.

The Academy is the Plain White T's, also from Dupage County, and has a small but loyal following across the country. Other bands that hail from the Chicago area include the Hush Sound of Dupages County.

Most artists hail from Chicago, though some, like Sam D'Angelo and the South Side - hails from the South Side. This Chicago-based indie label includes artists such as the Chicago Drag Band, the New York Dolls and many more. Originally from Libertyville, Illinois, he is a member of a number of local bands as well as several international bands. Originally from Evanston, Illinois, she was part of one of Chicago's most successful indie bands in the late 1990s.

When the group moved in, Woodson and Rogers were a package that debuted the band in the Chicago Music Hall of Fame. Boyzz and his Illinois is one of the most successful bands in the history of Chicago's indie music scene.

Located on the corner of East Broadway and Henry Streets, Alton Music Exchange will offer both used and new music equipment, from pedals, amplifiers and guitar accessories to fan merchandise and equipment for beginners. An important part of the shop will be that Unfrieds will support local musicians with merchandise from local bands, play exclusively local music on the shop's PA system, plug in bands for upcoming shows and even help with booking if necessary. The couple couldn't be more excited to bring their vision to life and plan to open in late April.

The current St. Louis team has been part of the city's music scene since last year and is a member of the board of Alton Music Exchange.

The following photographers are represented in the exhibition: John Swink, John Osborne, Michael D'Amico and Michael J. Smith. In recognition of the photographers, an object framed by Burton Art Services in Alton, Illinois, was commissioned to create one of their sculpture gardens. Preston Jackson is a metalworking specialist from St. Louis, Missouri, specializing in the production of metals. Born and raised in Decatur, Illinois, he found work in his home state of Missouri after being born in Novi, Minnesota.

Although he liked to perform live, he noted that the music landscape for live performers has changed in recent years and was no longer affordable as a main source of income. When he was laid off from his full-time job last fall, he knew he still wanted to do something with his music, so he considered the possibility of being a full-time tour musician instead of doing a 9-5 job without passion.

The Fireside Bowl provides a place for many local acts to grit their teeth, and it's just the right place. The monthly shows of the Ladies of Alton have become a popular draw for the regional college market as their reputation has grown.

The influential screeching weasel would inspire fellow travelers from around the world if it formed in front of a crowd of thousands in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. In Hartford, Lewis and Clark were preparing to head west, and the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site is located there. See the petroglyphs on the steep slope along the National Scenic Byway in Alton, as well as the historic site itself.

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