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Many of these resorts are just a short drive from Chicago and offer spacious and comfortable rooms. Some feature comfortable amenities to help you make the most of your stay in Chicago. Near Downers Grove, Illinois, some of the other hotels offer you your own private pool in your suite. Thematic hotel rooms at the Alton Illinois Hotel Treat yourself to an overnight stay with Santa Claus. You can sleep well with all the kits provided in the room and share with your loved ones and family members.

If you are worried about cleanliness, this hotel may not be the most relaxed place to sleep. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure or a theme park, you can find activities for your hotel room that are themed to break the monotony that is expected of a franchise hotel.

To confirm more than 3 rooms, call 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) or 407-939-5277 for a Walt Disney World vacation that includes a resort package. If you need help finding an open hotel, please call us at (1) 800-454-3743 if you live in or near Alton, Illinois. Representatives of Omni Hotels will assist you in applying for the 2010 Standards, as the hotel will be built and accessible rooms will be refurbished from 15 March 2012. To book your hotel in Current River State Park, call 1-800-436-4444 or 1-800-454-3743 for more information.

If you visit in winter, Days Inn Pontoon Beach is affordable and there is an indoor pool. If you want to enjoy the pool during your stay, Best Western is the best and most affordable option. Argosy Casino and Spa is another option if you enjoy spa treatments, cocktails and the thrill of gambling. Children can sleep in one of the four hotel rooms - bedroom, two bathrooms - or in a private room with breakfast.

The modernized rooms at the Best Western Alton have pull-out sofas, perfect for bringing a few friends or family members. Homewood Suites offers great rates anytime you book a group or special event. Wherever you go, La Quinta Wyndham offers a host of rooms, a pool and a private room with en suite facilities. Check all 2475 Chicago hotel deals and read real guest reviews to find the perfect accommodation.

Save up to 30% off the regular room rate when you stay at one of the best hotels in Alton, Illinois.

The Six Flags theme park is just a short drive away, and if you want to leave the property, there are two golf courses nearby. The rustic luxury and very friendly owners make this one of the best hotels in Alton, Illinois for a quick escape. Many of these resorts are only a short drive from Chicago, so if anyone knows about it, please contact them. We were in the middle of a busy downtown area, which made us long for a faster escape until March 4, 2009.

We stayed at Wesley Inn Motel 134, and it is just a short drive from the Express Express and a few miles from St. Louis, Illinois, where we were hungry for a quick escape.

Illinois has many opportunities to look for places to relax and unwind as a romantic couple. There are many places in Alton, Illinois to relax and unwind, as well as some great restaurants and bars.

From Dream Jeannie to Barbie to carbs, here's a holiday that many of us can look forward to as a time to sit back and maybe enjoy some of the benefits of staying in a hotel. Here are a few places in Alton, Illinois where you can add some quirky fun to your vacation with some great restaurants and bars.

Historic Hotels of America was founded in 1989 to promote heritage tourism. It is a national organization of officials who recognize and celebrate the best of them. It is the state-run hotel in the United States (current and disused) with the highest number of hotels with at least 100 rooms.

With 1,091 guest rooms, it is the hotel with the highest number of telephones in the United States. It offers a variety of amenities, including a full-service restaurant and bar, all of which have been declared gay-friendly.

If you're looking for something really special, a five-star Illinois hotel costs $387 per night, according to A 4-star hotel, like Illinois, costs $195 per night, and a 3-star hotel in Illinois costs an average of $120 per day or $180 per day for an average room.

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