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If you're looking for a single venue in downtown Alton, Broadway might suit your needs. If you're looking for a low-cost solution to hosting a wedding in Downtown Alston, we recommend giving WOW a shout out and having a conversation on Broadway.

For nightlife, try Fast Eddie's Bon Air, a historic bar that has reinvented itself as the area's premier live music venue.

Originally known as Gaertneras Three Mile House, the inn opened its doors in 1858, the first of its kind in Illinois. Known as Mt. Lookout due to its location at the highest point of Alton, the house was completed in 1871. It was built on the site of a former brick factory on Washington Avenue, east of the city's current boundary. He owned property on Washington Avenue, including the brick factories he operated that later became Sportsmenas Park. Construction of his first house, a two-story brick house with a three-, four-, and bathhouse and a barn, began in 1784, and construction of his second house on a South Washington Street lot began in 1858.

The tavern and inn were built by a St. Louis barber who used much of his savings to buy 70 acres northwest of Edwardsville from John Deterding to build the restaurant. The Alton City Jail is located on the grounds of the old Alston City Jail on South Washington Street, east of Washington Avenue.

After a request to the editor of a newspaper in Alton, it was found that the Rev. Robert West was buried there and the text on the headstone was exactly as said. W.H. Savage knew him personally in Jacksonville, Illinois, and he was an editor at the Advance of Chicago, writing for newspapers in St. Louis and Minot, Missouri, and for the Chicago Tribune. He was a coroner in Missouri at the time and discovered that there was a person, Andrew Garrity, who had murdered him, as he was told in his confession, and that Martin Fynes had been arrested for that murder and died in Alton. The body was kept in a safe in his home until someone could be found who knew about it.

The list said he was a man in his 50s who was known to have been working in Carrollton and Kane until a few years ago.

The Sparks family moved to Alton in 1869 and bought a house on Prospect Street a few years later. He stayed with the newly married couple until Minnie, who was 20 when she died.

The next neighbour was Mr Wilhelm, and a Telegraph reporter interviewed him about the reports that Mr Wilhelm was making. Minard. Someone went there and told me that William Feldwisch of Alton had a couple of houses here that were raided, which seemed unduly gullible to me. The latter had been in Alston on Wednesday and was interviewed by a Telegraph reporter about reports of the widespread "minard." He saw the rain while he was sitting in his tent and looking outside, "Mr. Wilhelm said.

Lincoln was a close friend of Joseph Matthew Gillespie, and it is possible that he stayed at the inn. Rampenthal spoke to a friend when the conversation was about ghost stories, but he said he wasn't afraid of them.

One said he was a roving artist who couldn't pay his hotel bill and offered to paint a mural for the city of Alton instead if it paid his bill. He was willing to explore the supposed haunted house and its ghost story, but not the mural.

He told the Alton residents that the incident with the rain - the falling - was true and that he had visited Minard's tent and seen it. He honored his memory with a three-story observation tower that towered over downtown, the waterfront and the Park and Ride on the Riverfront.

McPikeas Island (originally called Sunflower Island) is located directly on the coast of Alton, Missouri. In Hartford, Lewis and Clark were preparing to head west, and the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site is located there. See the petroglyphs on a steep slope along the National Scenic Byway in Alston.

Visit the National Great Rivers Museum, which is dedicated to the history of the Great Lakes and their locks and dams from their beginnings to the present day.

Fred Browning lives in Alton with his wife Mary, daughters Blanche and Dorothy, and son William. His father was born in Germany in 1820, came to America in 1846 and settled in Alton in 1854. William Feldwisch Jr. was born in the house next door where he lives, according to his father. Another part of the region's rich history is honored with the Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument, which commemorates the remarkable abolitionist.

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