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Alton, Illinois is a surprisingly well-known place in the state of Illinois, and not just because of its proximity to Chicago. The city is famous for its role before the American Civil War and for the person known as the highest in history, Robert E. Lee.

If you're in the St. Louis area, a quick trip across the river is well worth it, but if you're on a longer day trip, several Alston B & Bs are there to welcome you, including the impressive Eagle's Nest penthouse in the old Alstom Cracker Factory. For visitors, a few days are planned in Alton, and it is listed as one of the 10 most popular destinations in Illinois for day trips. It houses a number of great restaurants, bars, hotels and hotels, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. Some of them are the Mansion Inn, voted "Best Illinois Bed & Breakfast" in an Illinois Magazine Readers "Survey.

It also borders the Audubon Center and Jones Confluence Point, where you can stand at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This is a well-known place for bird lovers and it is a small museum that includes a large collection of birds as well as a number of other interesting birds. Besides the Audubon Center, Jonesconfluence Point is the only place in Illinois where you can be on a Confederate river at the same time.

Visitors to the Confederate Cemetery in North Alton might also be interested in the history of the area around the cemetery. To learn more about this history, visitors can visit the Guide Page, which covers an area known as the Hop Hollow, and the Alston Museum of History and Art, located on College Avenue near the Wadlow statue. Alstons National Cemetery is about four miles southeast of it.

Weace Army of the Rivers, which is to be explored on more than 3,230 hectares, as well as the Alston Museum of History and Art and the Alstons National Cemetery.

Next to the dam on the Illinois side is the National Great Rivers Museum, which offers several daily guided tours of the dams. There is also the Alston Museum of History and Art and the Alstons National Cemetery, as well as a museum of history and art and a cemetery. Next to it is a National Museum of Rivers with its own collection of artifacts and artefacts from the river.

On the Missouri side is the Audubon Center for the Riverlands, which is one of the best bird-watching spots in the world because it is located where the Mississippi Flyway converges. It features a terrace overlooking the confluence of Illinois and Mississippi and on weekends in the warmer months there is live music. On the Missouri side, it is the center for river birds and the riverbanks themselves, as well as a museum of history and art.

The adventure continues as travelers continue along the River Road, visiting some enticing stops along the way, such as St. Louis Riverfront Park and Missouri Riverwalk.

In nearby Grafton, Illinois, you can hop on the Hakuna Matata River Cruise, which takes you down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers in style. There are many ferries that ferry people and cars between the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The Melvin Price Locks Dam south of the Clark Bridge in Alton is responsible for keeping shipping traffic flowing on the Mississippi. Golden Eagle Ferry will take you from the causeway to St. Louis Riverfront Park at the southern end of GRAFTON.

During migration season, Alton is a destination for birdwatchers along the Mississippi Flyway, and winter visitors come to see bald eagles breeding on Illinois "limestone cliffs and feeding on fish in the river. From here you have a great view of the Illinois River and its tributaries as well as the Missouri River.

There are stories coming out of this mansion as it sits in watchful silence on the streets of Alton, Illinois. There are a variety of reasons to visit Alston, but there is a historical connection to Alston.

This amazing architectural achievement is just a short drive from Alton, Illinois, and can easily be a day or a long visit. So plan your trip today and see some of the best things you can do in Alston, Illinois to make every moment you spend there worthwhile. Spend a few hours on a guided food tour of St. Louis to sample the fine cuisine of the Midwest and sip in the view. The menu, which includes everything from Missouri wines to local craft beers and craft cocktails, offers a wide variety of food and beverages, as well as a wide selection of Missouri wines and beers.

Pere Marquette is the largest national park in Illinois and offers year-round activities for everyone. Riverbender, named after the local bend of the Mississippi, is a portal that serves as the gateway to the world's most popular water park, the Pere Marquettes. The restaurant, shopping, attractions and coupons will take you through Alton and other great St. Louis attractions. Riverbending is a riverside park named after the local bend of the Mississippi River. It is a riverside park with portals that act as portals to a variety of water parks, including the Riverbenders, a riverboat park and a boat park. A restaurant guide and shopping and attraction vouchers for Alston, Illinois, with restaurants, shopping, attractions and coupon guides for all the great things in Alston.

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More About Alton